City scape of St. Louis, where Jill A. Silverstein, Attorney at Law, serves and protects individuals involved with Employment, Civil Rights, and Family Lawsuits.

Jill Silverstein, Attorney at Law, protects the rights of individuals and their families - whether in the workplace, in the community, or at home. With a track record of success in employment law, Jill levels the playing field, and gives you confidence in your position and courage to fight.

About Jill
Jill Silverstein, Attorney at Law, is a St. Louis lawyer specializing in employment law, civil rights, and family law.

Giving you the voice and courage you need

In the Workplace

Employment Discrimination

Workplace discrimination or harassment is unacceptable, and it's against the law. Employers cannot fire an employee for whistleblowing or refusing to break the law. Jill Silverstein protects the rights of individuals in the workplace.

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In the Community

Civil Rights and Environmental Justice

Every individual deserves equal treatment under the law. Jill Silverstein fights against actions by state and local government agencies that discriminate against individuals or engage in practices that cause a disparate impact on individuals or neighborhoods in your community.

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At Home

Family Law

Divorce - dividing property and debt, determining child custody and support are difficult issues for all family members. Jill Silverstein relieves tension by providing guidance for clients in the midst of emotional conflict.

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