Jill Silverstein Awarded by Women’s Law Caucus

Feb 6th, 2017

Female legal students at Washington University School of Law founded the Women’s Law Caucus in 1972, and it focuses on the strides that women have made to overcome gender-based barriers in the profession. It is the largest student-run group at the university’s Law School, and it remains a very active organization to this day.

Each year, the Women’s Law Caucus recognizes and awards women in the legal field to celebrate their noteworthy achievements and to develop and advance the industry.

Jill Silverstein received recognition from Washington University School of Law at the annual Women’s Law Caucus awards ceremony in 2014. Jill was awarded for outstanding contributions to the advancement of women in legal education and the legal profession.

The guest speaker at the 2014 awards ceremony was U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Commissioner, Chai Feldblum. Ms. Feldblum is known for her work towards preventing discrimination based on sexual orientation and sexual identity, pregnancy accommodations, and the employment of people with disabilities.

Jill Silverstein continues to work towards equality, not just for women in the legal profession, but for the rights of all employees. In her practice, Jill protects the right of individuals and their families – whether in the workplace, in the community, or at home.

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