Family Law

Divorce - dividing property and debt, determining child custody and support are difficult issues for all family members. Jill Silverstein relieves tension by providing guidance for clients in the midst of emotional conflict. At home, Jill has represented wives, husbands, mothers, and fathers in all facets of family law - a simple divorce and division of property, business valuation, or child custody and support plans.

When do you need a lawyer to help you with the most emotional and personal problems involving your family? Often, it is the emotional and personal issues that require the guidance and resolve of an attorney who can help you find a reasonable and fair resolution. Jill can help you navigate through the basic and complex aspects of your divorce, child custody, and post-dissolution issues.


The parties will have to make decisions about dividing marital property as well as dividing the marital debt. That includes dividing the marital home, automobiles, bank accounts, IRA or 401(k) accounts, credit card debt, and loans. If either or both spouses own a business, such as a restaurant or a store, the business must be valued and divided as part the divorce. This also includes professional businesses, such as accounting firms or medical or legal practices. There is also the consideration of whether there should be spousal support and the calculation of the amount of that support.

Child Custody and Support

If there are children in the family, the parties will have to make decisions about child custody and child support. The decisions about child custody include the determination of physical custody including the residence, as well as the custody or visitation schedule for the parents during the weeks, weekends and holidays. Legal custody of the children related to decisions about their doctors and medical treatment, education, religion and extracurricular activities will also be addressed as part of the overall child custody determination.

Post-Dissolution and Post-Judgment Issues

Things change. Maybe you want to move to another school district, or your employment changed and your earnings have decreased; maybe the child custody or support awarded in the original judgment should be changed or modified.

Sometimes one party does not comply or follow the court’s judgment and order – whether it is missed child support payments, failure to follow a parenting plan, or refusal to comply with the division of property. In these situations, you will need the assistance of a lawyer to compel your ex-spouse to follow the court’s judgment.

From initial consultation through mediation and/or trial, Jill Silverstein represents parties in heterosexual and same-sex divorce proceedings, child custody proceedings, and post-judgment matters such motions to compel or motions to modify.